Evacuation from Liberia to Ghana

In Africa, the number of road traffic injuries and deaths have been increasing over the last three decades. According to the 2015 Global status report on road safety, the WHO African Region had the highest rate of fatalities from road traffic injuries worldwide at 26.6 per 100,000 population for the year 2013.

According to the WHO, the increased burden from road traffic injuries and deaths is partly due to economic development, which has led to an increased number of vehicles on the road. Given that air and rail transport are either expensive or unavailable in many African countries, the only widely available and affordable means of mobility in the region is road transport. However, the road infrastructure has not improved to the same level to accommodate the increased number of commuters and ensure their safety and as such many people are exposed daily to an unsafe road environment.

This article explains the benefits of quick emergency response and the benefits of air ambulance services in Africa.

This is the story of a man who was involved in a road traffic accident and sustained multiple fractures.

Multiple Fractures Sustained From A Road Traffic Accident

Earlier this month, a man in Liberia was involved in a road traffic accident. He had a left femoral fracture, a supra condyle fracture of the left femur amongst other severe injuries.  He was rushed to a hospital where he was managed for 24 hours, it then became apparent that further specialist orthopaedic management was required.

The attending physician referred him to a specialist hospital in Ghana as he needs to be attended to in a more equipped facility. His injuries required complex surgery not available in Liberia.

This would have resulted in chaos as he couldn’t sit, walk, fit into a normal vehicle/aircraft. By road, the journey would have taken over 24 hours and exposed the patient to security/safety risks.  The condition of many roads in West Africa is poor, sometimes the roads are seasonal.  In addition to this, the rate of crime on these highways is high.

Why choose Medevac?

Flying Doctors was quickly called and via Emergency Transport Unit (ETU) he was successfully transferred to Ghana where he underwent successful surgical treatment.

The journey lasted just an hour, at similar cost to a ground ambulance.

Our ETU; commercial air ambulance cabin works across the world, providing air ambulance services at ground ambulance prices.  For more information about this service, click this link:

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