Air ambulance services are still relatively rare in Africa. The Flying Doctors Nigeria was the first indigenous air ambulance service in the whole of West Africa and has been saving lives across the continent for almost ten years!! Learn a little about our global industry in this article with the surprising list of facts below:

  1. The private air ambulance industry was founded in the 1930s in remote areas in Canada, Scandinavia and other countries to provide health care to remote citizens
  2. The medical transport industry employs over 21,000 people in the United States
  3. The term “air ambulance” originated in France. The French military used balloons to transport injured soldiers as early as 1870 during the Siege of Paris
  4. The first real air ambulance flights started in WWI to transport injured soldiers
  5. England’s Prince William worked around 20 hours a week for the East Anglian air ambulance service as a volunteer.

Hope this article gives you some perspective on the global air ambulance industry; as companies like ours continue to grow and save lives across Africa.

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The Flying Doctors Nigeria is a member of the British Safety Council that specializes in providing medical solutions such as air ambulance and medical evacuation, ground ambulance procurement and leasing, remote medical services such a medical staffing, online company clinic set-up, site clinic management, occupational health, medical evacuation insurance and other health consultancy services for the oil & gas industry as well as other corporate, military and non-governmental organizations.

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