Flying Doctors Nigeria is a tech-enabled global marketplace for urgent/emergency medical care. We specifically serve the oil & gas, mining, and international insurance industries.

We offer three main services:

  • Medical transportation (air and ground ambulance services), medevac, and emergency assistance services
  • Personnel, virtual care (diagnostics/consultation), and clinic management services
  • Medical equipment and consumables sales/financing through our software under our Healthcare Solutions product.

About Us:  Medical Emergency Service

Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN) Limited is a Medical Emergency Service that specializes in air ambulance, medevac, remote site medical solutions, and infrastructural development and training.  

We understand real-time needs and their responses that ensure highest quality medical solutions.  Specially-trained medical doctors operate stations across the country, with our lead office located at the International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria.

Our award-winning services have been featured on the BBC, CNN and NPR.  We also work with government agencies and corporate bodies with remote site medical training and programs.


  • Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN) has been successfully operating for 10 years and was the first indigenous air ambulance in West Africa
  • FDN has the largest network of ground and air ambulances (both fixed and rotary wing aircraft) in West Africa, strategically located in major Nigerian cities, e.g., Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, and others
  • Our team of Doctors, EMTs, Medics, and other medical professionals are trained and experienced in emergency and intensive care. 
  • We offer comprehensive medical solutions and services including these below (click text for more information)
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To revolutionize the provision of emergency healthcare across Africa

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To get the right patient to the right facility within the right time frame

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To create a globally relevant medical outfit that encourages empathy, dedication…


We are the first and only indigenous air ambulance service in West Africa…


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