Air Ambulance

FAQs About about our Commercial Medical Escort (CME) Service

What does CME Mean ?

CME means Commercial Medical Escort.

How does CME work?

This option allows for patient to be flown in the business/first class cabin of a scheduled commercial flight in a recumbent position with a medical escort and portable medical equipment and medications.

Who is Suitable for a CME?

The CME option is well-suited for patients who are able to walk and sit with little / no assistance but need health monitoring throughout their travel time. Patients are accompanied by our experienced medical personnel who would monitor them and attend to their needs such as continuous oxygen administration, oral medications and possibly intravenous fluids or medications.

Is the CME option only available in Nigeria ?

No. With our wide network of doctors and relationships with various local/ international airlines, we are able to transfer patients with the CME option within Nigeria, across Africa as well as to/ from any other country in the world.

How long does it take to arrange a CME transfer?

This mode of transfer is subject to medical clearance from the FDN team, the medical department of the airline and availability of tickets for the proposed routes. This takes an estimate of 24- 48 hours.

How much does it cost ?