Many companies/organisations call us because they need to lease or purchase a ground ambulance for their site operations or offices.  This article gives 4 key considerations you will probably need to make during the process.

  1. To buy or to lease?

The upfront cost of buying a ground ambulance is high, therefore many companies prefer to lease at a monthly or quarterly agreed fee. An additional advantage of leasing is that the vehicle is leased along with a driver, maintenance contract, medical staff, fueling package and equipment replacement package.

  1. ALS or BLS?

ALS stands for Advanced Life Support, whilst BLS stands for Basic Life Support. These descriptors reflect the types of medical equipment that are installed on the ambulance and the level of support that can be offered to a patient.

If the aim of your ambulance system is to manage very minor injuries and you are located close to a hospital, you may consider a BLS ambulance. If more advanced management is required, then an ALS ambulance should be your first choice.

  1. Terrain

Terrain considerations are very important especially in Africa where many roads are poor and sometimes inaccessible especially in swamp locations; seasonal. In such locations a 4X4 ambulance maybe required.

  1. Safety/Security

Some organisations that we work with have to manage emergencies in hostile environments and request bullet proof/bomb proof ambulances. This maybe a consideration in some parts of Africa/Middle East.

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