We got a request recently to transport a middle- aged man, who works in the mining industry from Cameroon to Durban who had features of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease secondary to chronic cough being managed for septicaemia / septic shock.

This essentially meant that he had difficulty breathing due to long- standing lung damage. As a result, he couldn’t breathe well and due to the shock that occurred following severe infection, his organs were failing, especially the ones used in respiration!

The hospital he was being managed for 5 days before the request call came in was located in a remote area and as such he could not get access to the specialist care required to keep him alive. He was conscious but pale and dehydrated, with respiratory distress.

Our doctors assessed and determined him to be high risk based on his underlying condition as well as the fact that he was in shock and had sepsis. He was at risk of suffering imminent organ failure. We further determined that he would need to be transferred to a top-notch facility and made arrangements with the receiving hospital in Durban, South Africa.

He was then transferred in an intensivist- led air ambulance to the Hospital but his conditioned worsened in the aircraft. Our specialists with medevac training were on top of the situation and were able to bring him round.

He was successfully handed over to the receiving Hospital in Durban for further management.

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