According to an article by Interior News based in the USA, Roger Harris in a speech spoke on how helicopter evacuation can save lives and money. The first hour of an emergency situation is very critical and the life of a person should not depend on how far they live from the nearest specialist facility. The earlier a person gets initial care, the lower the overall health cost.

Air ambulances solve similar problems in Africa, especially for medical conditions that require urgent specialist care. It is tough if a person requires care but cannot get access to it because they are far away from where they can get life- saving medical care.

Distance between Lagos and Maiduguri is close to 2,000km. It will take almost a whole day going by road and just 2 hours via air transport. A patient can get timely access to specialist care through an air ambulance while also getting care in the air ambulance.

Also, the distance between Central African Republic and Lagos is almost 2,500km. With an air ambulance, patient can be in Lagos in less than 2 hours, receiving emergency care in transit to getting full specialist care.

Many tertiary centres are regional, not national. This means sometimes reaching definitive care would require crossing an international border or two.

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