Have you ever wondered what a day in Flying Doctors looks like?

We have compiled some of our stories from the skies. They are accounts of some of our cases showing what we do, how we do it and continually help save countless lives around the world.

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Stories From The Skies: An account of a 13-hour Air Ambulance Evacuation from Nigeria to the Middle East

Stories from the Skies: Regional (Air Ambulance) Medical Evacuation /Medevac

Stories from the skies: Resurrection Party

Stories from the Skies: Commercial Stretcher Transport to South Africa

Stories from the Skies: The Building That Came Down

About the Flying Doctors Nigeria Air Ambulance Service 

Flying Doctors Nigeria is an air ambulance service that is dedicated to the specialist transfer of patients from low levels of care to specialist centres. We operate from Lagos, Nigeria and transfer patients between African countries Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, etc as well as the UK, Italy, America and all over the world.

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