The earlier an ill person or their sponsors decide to seek health care, the better for them. The earlier the decision is made to evacuate a patient for specialist treatment which is not available in the current medical facility they are in, the higher the patient’s chances of survival.

Health seeking behaviour in Africa is often lax, mainly due to cultural and religious beliefs. Unwell patients and their families often wait till the last minute to present at the hospital and by the time they get there it’s either their ailments are more difficult to treat or they presented too late to be helped.

Apart from delay in accessing primary healthcare, this also translates into the superimposed delay in decisions to seek specialist care as well, within or outside their country.

Long distance to health care facilities has long been established as one of the barriers to health care utilization. It has been found as one of the delays in seeking care. This is particularly true when road infrastructure and transportation systems are poor. Air transport of patients via air ambulances help to mitigate this and bridge the distance gap as well as any physical boundaries.

Another reason for delay is identifying the need to evacuate a patient to a specialist centre on time. The specialist hospital will be able to do little or nothing to save the patient if they are brought in too late.

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