It was the last week of Alison’s study exchange program in Dakar and she had planned to do some sightseeing of some tourist attractions with her friends before returning to her home country in Europe.

Everything was going fine until Alison lost consciousness and started having seizure-like symptoms following an immunization shot she received the day before. Her legs and arms were shaking rhythmically, and her eyes moving rapidly. Her friends were really scared but thankfully summoned the courage to quickly take her to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctors were able to stabilize her after 4 hours of unconsciousness and recurrent seizures. Within days, her baseline neurologic status improved significantly, and she had a GCS of 15.

With the urgency to transfer her back home for continued management, her insurance company reached out to us, Flying Doctors Nigeria to assist with a bed-to-bed transfer.

It was at this point that our meticulous planning and coordination began. We were able to secure all necessary medical clearances from the airlines (this flight is operated by two airlines) and arranged for ground transportation at both ends to help ensure a seamless transfer.

On the mission date, Alison was accompanied by our experienced medical escort who monitored her vital signs, administered medications, and provided continuous support throughout the flight. Upon arrival in Europe, Alison was transported by our ground ambulance team to the receiving facility for continued management.

Here’s Alison’s feedback:

“The Commercial Medical Escort service was good. Many thanks Flying Doctors Nigeria for your help.”

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