With a focus on quality and timely healthcare delivery, Flying Doctors Nigeria (FDN) has successfully catered to the healthcare needs of one of its esteemed clients operating in a marginal field in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.


A lot of hazards are associated with working in the Oil and Gas sector especially when working in remote locations. Access and delivery of quality care are limited and the risk exposure is significantly high.

This major challenge demands that companies in this sector and with workers in remote locations have a robust healthcare plan to mitigate against possible risks.


We continued to manage the on-site clinic which has been set up since the commencement of the project to provide emergency care, health, and safety sensitization, and medical screening for the workforce.

For a particular period (Q3 2022) under review, our medical personnel attended to a total number of 54 cases, with malaria, upper respiratory tract infections, and gastroenteritis being the most prevalent. These cases were effectively and timely managed to reduce downtime and our personnel also received support from our pool of specialists.

At the end of the quarter, we prepared and shared a comprehensive report with our recommendations to the management team. Our recommendations were well received and actioned upon very quickly to improve general health and safety awareness, preparedness and response.


Our solution resulted in the following positive outcomes:

– Reduced occurrence of the prevalent and total number of cases in the following quarter.

– Reduced downtime

– Reduced health care expenditures/claims

– Improved health awareness and morale of employees.

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