Mrs. Pam’s humanitarian visit to Kenya was abruptly cut short after she noticed a flare-up of a skin disorder she had been diagnosed with in the US before her visit. It was a sad development for her as the condition rapidly impacted on her mobility and comfort. Thankfully, Mrs. Pam had friendly neighbors who assisted in taking her to the available hospital nearby to receive medical care.

Upon admission, the facility was able to stabilize her but Mrs. Pam remained emotionally downcast and needed stronger psychosocial support from her family and loved ones to help her through her challenging journey to recovery.

Following this event, Mrs. Pam’s insurance reached out to us at Flying Doctors Nigeria, to assist with her transfer to the US for continued care and to reunite her with her family. Upon receiving confirmation of the transfer, we immediately swung to action and activated all necessary clinical, administrative and aviation processes to airlift her within a short time frame.

The mission was a wing-to-wing transfer and the first 3 legs remained uneventful until a few minutes into the 4th leg where Mrs. Pam suddenly had a spike in fever and developed rapid respiratory and heart rate. Although our medical team was able to quickly intervene and effectively manage the situation, a joint decision in the best interest of the patient was immediately taken to discontinue the mission and admit her into a medical facility for further stabilization.

All her vitals were closely monitored jointly by our AA medical team and that of the admitting facility for 24hours, after which, the mission resumed and the patient remained stable for the rest of the flight.

After a 24+ hours flying time, and implementation of a very effective clinical inflight management course, Ms. Pam was successfully handed over to the receiving hospital in US, where her family was awaiting her arrival, for continued treatment.

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