Mr. Dee’s summer holiday in Ascension Island was abruptly cut short after he suddenly started experiencing chest pains, light-headedness and began losing consciousness. He was immediately taken to a hospital in South Africa where he was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and left ventricular/heart failure which are life-threatening conditions. 

Although Mr. Dee remained in a stable but critical condition, the need for him to be immediately evacuated to the US for further treatment was established. It was at this point, his insurance company reached out to us at Flying Doctors Nigeria to assist with his transfer.

Following our receipt of the request, our team immediately swung into action and was able to assess his fitness to fly and initiated all necessary transfer processes within a 24-hour period.

On arrival of our ground ambulance team to the hospital, Mr. Dee appeared to have developed in-hospital confusion and elevated PSA levels.  This, however, was effectively managed by our specialist medical team alongside the treating doctor to help ensure a safe transfer.

After 23 hours of flying time, an effective clinical inflight management course, and the assistance of our wing-to-wing partners, Mr. Dee was successfully handed over to the receiving hospital in the US for further treatment.

This has been our longest-haul flight this year and we are happy to have played a significant role in giving Mr. Dee a second chance.

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