Lagos, Abuja, and other large cities have a number of great restaurants and bars, the best review website we know is here.
However, there are some tips for expats that will keep you healthy whilst enjoying the variety of eateries in Nigeria’s towns and cities.

Basic food and water precautions include:

  • Avoid cooked food served at room temperature, especially if it is a lower-end restaurant
  • Avoid raw food, including raw vegetables unless they can be washed thoroughly
  • Drink only beverages from sealed bottles or cans; ensure bottles are opened in front of you
  • Water is safe if it has been boiled or chemically treated, avoid drinking tap water where possible
  • Avoid ice unless made from bottled/disinfected water. This is a common trap to fall into, but having ice in your drink at a lower end establishment should be avoided
For more information click here to read our blog on expats’ health.
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