Ramadan is here and will last for 30 days. It is a fasting period when Muslims deprive themselves of food to concentrate on spiritual development and prayers.

Food provides nutrients as well as energy needed for daily living and activities, therefore when you do eat, eat properly. You need as much energy as possible from your meals during the fast since mealtimes will be less often.

Here are seven(7) helpful tips that will serve you well in this period:

  1. Make sure you eat Suhoor (the pre-dawn meal before the fasting day begins), something light is advised.
  2.  Avoid eating junk while breaking the fast; fried foods like plantain chips, sugary foods like candy and pastries.
  3. Eat fruits and vegetables at Iftar before the main meal
  4. Limit your fat intake. Be careful however, not to avoid fat altogether
  5. Hydrate well. Drink adequate amounts of water. Reduce coffee and tea intake as much as possible as they dehydrate the body. Avoid them for the fast period if possible.
  6. Rest. Make sure you sleep for eight (8) hours. You need your strength. Take short naps in the afternoon, about 15 minutes at lunch hour. Ensure you set your phone alarm to wake you after 15 minutes so you can continue the day’s work
  7. Exercise: Should be light, such as short walks, brisk walking. Avoid heavy exercise.

Note that if you are being managed for any medical condition or you are on any medication, you must have a sit down with your doctor to determine if you can fast or how to go about the fast.

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