Strong emotions like fear, sadness, or other symptoms of depression are normal, but when they interfere with our daily activities then it becomes an issue.

What is Stress

It is a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances.

Stress can sometimes be good; this good stress is called Eustress. It allows being productive and can help you develop skills needed to manage potentially threatening situations.

Stress can be harmful, however, when it is prolonged or severe enough to make you feel overwhelmed and out of control. According to a U.S. Surgeon General, 80% of non traumatic deaths are stress related.

This interferes with your productivity and depletes you physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s good to remember that some stress is normal and healthy.

How can one manage this stress?

  1. Breathe: Since stress is inevitable, the best stress reducer is slow, deep, and easy breathing. This activity helps release endorphins in our brains and makes us feel calmer. If this is done at least times a day, it helps reduce stress.
  2. Eat. Our stamina, patience, and efficiency are depleted when we aren’t nourished. Eat a meal before you take up your daily task. Eat nutritiously and timely during your work time.
  3. Exercise, sleep and Rest: Exercise is a great stress buster and just like breathing, it also causes the release of endorphins. Few minutes jogging or back and forth walt through the stair case can help reduce stress. Healthcare professionals should reduce the time they spend with your phones and laptops as this attributes more to the stress they pass through.
  1. Connect socially. After a stressful event, it is easy isolate yourself. Make sure that you are spending time with loved ones. Consider planning fun activities with your spouse, children, or friends.

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