An international oil and gas company required on-the-ground primary healthcare and emergency medical support for their field operations in Nigeria.

Location: South-South Nigeria

Service: Primary healthcare and emergency support

Overview: Our client reached out to us to assist with primary healthcare and emergency support on their new field operation project. The JV project is in a remote location and it became important for a medical emergency response plan to be adopted which includes setting up primary healthcare especially in cases of emergency. For a high-risk operation as theirs and the remoteness of the location – in the creeks, there is an urgent need for quick access to care, appropriately trained medical personnel, and an emergency evacuation plan.

Solution: Flying Doctors Nigeria audited the facility and made recommendations to their Management.

Our comprehensive plan:
– We designed the layout and structuring of the facility.
– We supplied some of the medical equipment to run the clinic.
– We deployed appropriately trained medical personnel on back-to-back rotation for 24/7 cover.
– Provision of 24/7 topside support to the medical team on-site to make well-informed decisions in managing patients, giving more accurate diagnosis and hence improved patient outcomes.

Impact: Through our expertise in healthcare infrastructure project management, we successfully built and still operate the clinic for almost 10 years with over 5000 medical cases attended to and over 10 medical personnel working on the project since inception. We have created a massive impact in the area of primary healthcare and emergency support, thereby saving more lives.

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