As schools resume after the “long break”, there are safety questions that need to be answered. Although not all schools are resuming and the impact of COVID-19 seem to have reduced, a lot of parents have a lot of concerns about the safety of their children.

There are measures in place by the government to ensure the safety of each student as they resume as well as guidelines for the schools reopening. Some of this includes wearing face masks, limiting the number of students in a classroom, strategic resumption dates for different classes, etc.

This however does nothing to completely ease the concerns of parents whose kids would be resuming after more than 4 months. For students to adjust to the new normal and ensure their safety, it is going to be a joint effort from the school management as well as the parents. 

Here are a few safety tips to help your children enjoy a safe return to school;

Lead by Example.

The truth is, “kids will be kids” and that’s why the concerns about their safety and resumption to school are heightened. That said, they will learn as long as you teach and reinforce basic measures to protect them. Children are more likely to learn from what other people around them do. Make it a habit to wash your own hands regularly, wear a face mask, etc and see how they follow suit.

Make hand-washing fun

Getting kids to wash their hands is not an issue, but, doing so for the required 20 seconds might be the issue. Making washing of hands fun is a way to achieve. Often than not, most kids can sing the “Happy birthday” song which is about 20 seconds. 

Make handwashing, a fun game or a sing along activity. This way, they will be eager to participate and look forward to it. Also depending on the age group, they can make use of hand sanitizer.

Practice Mask Wearing with them

Mask wearing has become a norm and children have to wear them to ensure their own safety at school. However, it’s one thing to wear a mask and a different story for it to properly fit. Practising wearing a mask with them will enable you to ensure they do so properly, and also observe how comfortable it is for them.

Depending on how comfortable they are with the mask, you can start with short periods then gradually have them wear it for longer periods.

Avoid Meal Sharing

Children share a lot of things with their friends – including meals. While sharing is a wonderful trait, explain to them why meal sharing isn’t a good idea at the moment. Make them see that it is not being selfish but actually looking out for their friends.

This way, you can ensure their safety as well as of that of their friends.

Social Distancing

Many kids probably can’t contain the excitement to reunite with their friends. There will be those eager for hugs, hand holding and/or playing tag. Remind your kids that people can have COVID without them knowing and eventually pass it if they don’t maintain social distancing. The teachers as well as parents have to constantly remind them and lead by example.

Let them know if we all stick to the guideline from health experts, we have a better chance of getting the virus under control and getting back to the activities we enjoy.