One of the biggest healthcare challenges we face in Africa is access to advanced care. Bad roads, limited specialist hospitals, low doctor to patient ratios, and an unfortunate attitude to medical emergencies means that we have very low life expectancy numbers.

Don’t let these factors affect you when emergencies arise. Flying Doctors Nigeria, a leading air ambulance service operating across West and Central Africa, operates daily to ensure that fewer people across Africa die because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time.

What medical evacuation options are available when emergencies occur? How do the people around you know who to contact? What options are there for organisations and families who truly value the lives of their executives and loved ones?

Join us this Friday August 14 by 4pm as we discuss how you can access and benefit from of Air Ambulance Services and Medical Evacuation Covers.

Remember, emergencies only become life-threatening if access to quality care is not guaranteed.

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