When a person dies with no prior history of illness, it is shocking because we expect them to exhibit some symptoms. However, reports have shown that there are sometimes clues of heart diseases that we might have missed.

Loose Grip

One sign of heart disease that is often overlooked is one’s ability to hold objects firmly. Researchers have linked the strength in one’s hands to how healthy their heart is. This means a loose grip on objects might be a sign of heart disease. Yet, improving the grip strength alone does not translate to a healthier heart.

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea is a serious sleep disorder in which a person’s breathing stops and starts during sleep. It also means that their brain may not be getting enough oxygen during that period. This, in turn, sends signals to the heart to work harder to keep blood flow going. Sleep apnoea increases the chances of heart problems as well as high blood pressure, stroke, abnormal heart rhythms, etc. Read our detailed blog post on sleep apnoea here.

Sexual Problem

Erectile dysfunction is another possible sign of heart disease that men often ignore. This may be circulation problems due to high blood pressure or narrow arteries caused by cholesterol build-up. (Read How to reduce cholesterol level). Such men are at a greater risk of heart attack/stroke. Blood-flow problems can also reduce a woman’s urge for sexual intercourse.

Swelling in Lower Limbs

Swelling in the lower limbs is common in pregnant women or when someone sits or stands for long, especially in an inconvenient way. It can also be as a result of heart issues or poor blood circulation in the leg. This happens if a clot is blocking the return of blood from the legs to the heart.

Dark Spot Under Nails

Without prior injury on the finger or toe, having dots of blood trapped beneath one’s nail can be a sign of heart disease one shouldn’t ignore. It could be an infection in the heart or an indication of diabetes. If one notices dark spots under one’s nails, one might want to check in with one’s doctor.

There you have it; 5 signs of heart disease people often ignore. No, it does not mean you should worry with every little sign. These should, however, help you watch out for symptoms or sudden changes.

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