Testing is a vitally important and key criterion for winning the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic as well as effectively managing the outbreak of the virus.

According to Hermione Dace of Institute for Global Change, “Countries who have conducted wide spread testing have typically been more able to contain the virus easily.” Countries like South Korea and China have been able to materialize this approach and effectively curb the spread of the virus by conducting hundreds of thousands of tests daily.   

Taking into considering these success stories, our understanding of the clear need for more to be done to help ramp up testing across the nation — while ensuring the safety of healthcare workers at the frontline of the battle — inspired us to develop a rapid alternative, our mobile testing booths, to the traditional method of testing. 

From the month of April when we launched our first mobile testing booth in partnership with the Ogun state government till date, our mobile testing booths have been deployed to different states across the country with verifiable reports of its impact in helping boost testing activities at localities where they are situated.

Equally, we – in partnership with the Zamfara state government recently launched the largest zero-contact COVID-19 testing center in Nigeria. With this program, Zamafara state currently has the largest booth-based COVID-19 testing center in the country.

How our mobile testing booths work

Our walk-in testing booths are designed to eliminate physical provider-patient exposure in a modular format. The booths are built with negative-pressure conditions which enables the team that would man the booths work without having to use personal protective equipment (PPE). This drastically reduces the cost that would otherwise have been expended on PPE and simplifies the ability for more people to walk-in and easily get tested for the virus.

The minimal processes characterized with getting tested for the virus using our booths systematically fosters an increase in the number of tests been conducted per time as they are often not only open to all and easily accessible but also feature a rapid approach of effectively and efficiently collecting samples within minutes.  

Holistically, our booths are geared toward solving the challenges faced by COVID-19 testing system in Nigeria which includes difficulty In getting to enough suspected COVID-19 cases in time, shortage of PPE, logistics, minimal number of molecular laboratories and safety of the healthcare workers. 

Features of our mobile testing booths

  • Designed to help protect healthcare workers by eliminating physical contact and reducing the risk of contraction.
  • Can potentially reduce the cost of PPE by up to 85%, helping save more money and time.
  • Can be converted to a primary healthcare center for rural areas using telemedicine post-COVID-19.
  • It is more cost effective and efficient than going to patient houses to test.
  • Can drastically help increase the testing capacities of any location and/or state where the booth is stationed.
  • Eases the process and turnaround time for sample collection and testing.
  • Our testing booth pays for itself in 5-7 days due to cost saving on PPE

Using the booth and cleaning the gloves

  • Once the booth is set up and ready for sample collection, the scientist goes inside, envelops his or her hands in the rubber gloves attached to the unit and remains there whilst taking samples.
  • Hand washing bay (soap and running water) to be set up at the entrance of the center.
  • Screening/waiting area is set up a distance away from the booth.
  • Ensure biosafety practices in the booths.
  • A rechargeable fan is to be placed in the booth for the tester.
  • An industrial strength disinfectant is to be sprayed on the gloves after every sample collection.

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