As we look back on some of the landmark achievements we have recorded over our years of operating and dominating the air ambulance industry in Africa, we began to brainstorm as an organization on other possible ways we could expand our offerings within the healthcare value chain with the sole purpose of saving more lives in the process. 

This purpose coupled with our burning desire to continually contribute significantly to address the multiple challenges the healthcare sector in Nigeria and Africa led us to consummate a sector-specific healthcare investment under the Flying Doctors Healthcare Investment Company where we help companies operating in the healthcare and wellness space to expand and grow.

Consequently, we began actualizing on our mission as an entity, investing in multiple start-ups that have shown great growth prospects within the healthcare sector. Additionally, we’ve contributed to several initiatives and activities geared toward helping fight COVID-19, which is currently ravaging and crippling healthcare systems globally.

Over the past few months, we have driven and fostered the development of unique initiatives and implemented same in collaboration with organizations and state governments aimed to help curb the further spread of the virus within the nation. 

Take a look at some of our ongoing efforts:

Supply medical equipment and disposables: From the onset of the spread of the Coronavirus in Nigeria, we have supplied a bulk of varied equipment ranging from COVID-19 kits to advanced medical and critical care equipment.

We have supplied consumables to organizations, professional associations, individuals and state governments looking to contribute their quota to the battle against the pandemic. As an organization, we maintain a robust inventory of medical equipment and relationships with multiple medical equipment manufacturers and supplies across the globe. This has aided our ability to promptly supply critical care equipment which currently is in limited supply globally.

To learn more about some of our medical supplies, kindly download our equipment catalog here

Create COVID-19 ICU Centers in Collaboration with YPO: As part of the response preparedness to the COVID-19 pandemic, we — in conjunction with the Nigerian chapter of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), a global community of leaders (Chief Executives) with approximately 28,000 members in more than 130 countries — set up a 100-bed capacity COVID ICU center at Eti-Osa to help manage critical cases in Lagos.

We have been responsible for supplying a lot of the critical medical equipment utilized within the center and administering care to the patients being managed. Some of our supplies include, but are not limited to CPAP Machines, oxygen cylinders, consumables, infusion pumps and multi propaq monitors.

Design and Develop Sample Collection Booths and Molecular Lab (processing 100 samples daily):  Understanding the important need for us as a nation to ramp up our testing capacities, we designed, developed and launched the first mobile testing booth in Nigeria in collaboration with the Ogun state government.

This initiative — which we intend to deploy to as many states as are willing to accept — was developed bearing in mind the need to protect our medical personnel and healthcare workers at the frontlines of the battle. That’s how we came up with the design attribute which eliminates physical contact with patients when collecting samples and in turn, drastically reduces the risk of health workers contracting the virus.   

Equally, the concern of the cost and unavailability of the personal protective equipment (PPE) constituted part of the underlining factors that spurred us to manufacture this sample collection/testing booth after the success, the increased testing abilities it presents, was recorded in South Korea.

In collaboration with Ogun state, we also launched the first COVID-19 walk-in and drive-through center in Nigeria and have developed massive testing capacity (6000 sample kits one of the largest of any private sector organization in Nigeria) for the virus.

As of today, our testing booths are operational in 2 states (Ogun and Kano) across the country even as we conclude arrangements to set up the largest COVID-19 testing booth point in Zamfara.    

We would continue to work both in isolation and collaboration with organizations, individuals, groups, associations and/or corporates to further ensure we build the required capacity to enable us curb the spread of this deadly virus across the country.

Leveraging on our international partnership network of equipment manufacturers, we hope to also ensure the consistent and timely supply of all medical items required during this period and post-COVID-19.

Kindly download our equipment catalog to learn more about supplies here