We are thrilled to announce our official partnership with Africa’s fastest-growing financial agent network, Paga, toward our fundraising campaign aimed at helping increase the nation’s COVID-19 testing capacity through the construction and deployment of our COVID-19 mobile testing booths and testing vehicles to the states most affected by the virus.   

With an agent network of more than 140,000 agents across nearly 36 states of the federation and an extensive reach into global territories, Paga is the widest reaching mobile money company in Nigeria.

This is a very exciting development as it will enable the digitization of all transactionary activities that transpire during the course of this project and rapidly extend our initiative to Paga’s more than 14 million customers.

Constituting part of the reasons that have propagated our mission to actively drive this campaign has been the daily spike in the number of confirmed cases reported within individual states less than two weeks into the federal government’s directive on easing the lockdown measures instituted across the nation to help curb the rapid communal spread of the virus.

Given the current healthcare infrastructure deficit in Nigeria and across the continent, we are concerned about how a rapid surge in cases will not only overwhelm our hospital capacity but invariably lead to the loss of many lives, bearing in mind our current approach to testing, contact tracing and isolation to battle against the pandemic.

Although improvements have been seen in the numbers of tests being conducted daily over the past month, the size of our population requires that we triple the current numbers and intensify efforts toward other rapid testing to enhance communal testing.

At this time, it is crucial that we test more people across the nation to obtain a better grip and understanding of how the virus spreads and how to better manage it, hence, our proactive move toward the initiative to help institute measures that would foster improved testing capacities nationwide.

Any contribution to advance this initiative would be used to construct and deliver our mobile testing booth and testing vehicle to different states within the country for free.

We are optimistic that this would help individual states significantly enhance their testing capacities and enable us to actualize on our vision of availing more states within the federation with our booths to compliment the national effort toward flattening the curve.

For this unique purpose, we would be reducing the cost of our booths and testing vehicle by 20% to enable an opportunity for the funds required to construct a booth to be raised faster. We aim to commence with constructing booths to be delivered to states that have been most affected by the virus.

If you would like to join us in actualizing this vision, visit our donation portal to make your kind contributions.  

Please remember that only together as a nation do we stand the chance to win the battle against this pandemic.

We encourage you to keep practicing social distancing, wash your hands with soap and water frequently, and use your face mask when going out. This too shall pass.