Ever wondered what the interior of an air ambulance looks like? Or how important having the right interior design to accommodate the necessary equipment impacts patient care inflight? Or did you know that the right interior of an Air Ambulance can in no small measure support the patient’s journey throughout the flight?

Today, we will be taking you on a virtual journey of how the interior of @FlyingDoctorsNG air ambulance looks like.

All over the world today, air ambulances are used as an effective and efficient means of transporting patients from low levels of care to specialist centers where the required level of advanced care needed can be administered. The world’s first air ambulance was started in Australia in 1928, since then it has moved millions of patients from the Australian outback into urban centers.

This has saved the government of Australia billions of dollars, as there has been no need to construct a major hospital in every single town/city.

Hundreds of years following this, @FlyingDoctorsNG air ambulance service was established as the first indigenous and leading air ambulance service in West Africa. From inception to date, we have traveled across Africa and beyond, helping save hundreds of lives by providing timely access to definitive care for all patients.  

Constituting part of the major factors that have contributed to our being able to help ensure happy endings of patients, are our state of the art equipment and quality of care administered to patients by our medical flight expert’s inflight for every transfer.

The interior of an air ambulance has to be meticulously designed to incorporate the right equipment and ensure that the equipment is to hand whenever the medical crew needs them. This typically is exemplified in the way the Flying Doctors Nigeria new interior of our air ambulance looks like.

Designed to not only ensure the comfortability of both patient and medical crew but to ensure the ability to manage the most critical patient inflight effectively and efficiently.

Having invested hugely in the new aircraft interior, we are optimistic that we will be able to improve on our delivery and also provide support to our partners and stakeholders from across the world. Please see pictures below:

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