In the next 36hours, the 2019 election scheduled for this weekend would see millions of Nigerians that are of the eligible voting age coming out in their numbers to cast their votes in favor of their preferred candidates. 

All over the world, elections are known to be a critical and very important period in the life of any nation and her citizenry. It’s the season and period where the future path of the country for a constitutionally stipulated period of time would invariably be decided by her citizens as they exercise their civic rights of been able to vote and be voted for.

In the words of Hilary Clinton, “voting is the most precious right of every citizen, and it is morally obligatory to ensure the integrity of the voting process.” This expression of fact can be said to be directly applicable to us as a country (Nigeria) even as the election day draws near.

Consequently, for all eligible voters that would be going out on Saturday to exercise your voting rights, we have put together a few tips to help keep you safe and healthy whilst you cast your votes.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes: Depending on how early or late you arrive at your polling unit on election day, it is likely you may spend several hours on foot as you queue to cast your vote. Thus, consider leaving your home in comfortable shoes that would enable you move around easily. We recommend sneakers and/or flat soles as good options. Also wear loose and breathable cloths as the weather would most likely be hot.
  2. Wear face caps and or sunscreens: Knowing fully well that you might be spending a good chunk of your day standing under the sun as you wait for turns to cast your votes, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a face cap or sunscreen to help reduce impact of the sun rays on your skin and vision. If for some reason(s), you neither fancy the use of face caps nor sunscreens, from time to time, consider leaving the sun and locate shades where you can rest.  
  3. Stay hydrated: Often times at polling units, there are people that usually hawk some form of drinks or water around the polling units. Notwithstanding, its best you grab a bottle of water from your home for yourself to keep you hydrated. You wouldn’t want a situation where you get overwhelmed with thirst and you are unable to get good water to drink.  
  4. Grab along with you some snacks:  Eat before living your home and also carry along a few snacks you can bite on whenever you get hungry at the polling unit. It’s best to not leave your home on an empty stomach and considering that you might spend nearly half or the whole day out, carrying a few snacks with you wouldn’t be a bad idea.  
  5. Go with low-tech entertainment: As much as we discourage you going out with any high tech or expensive gadgets such as your phones or tablets, having on hand things like a hard copy magazine, novel or Gameboy is a welcomed idea. For one this would keep you entertained as you wait out the queues and most importantly help you avoid engaging in sensitive talks, conversations that may lead to heated arguments and fights.