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1. Air ambulances make healthcare cheaper because more people can
access hospitals over large distances. Therefore not as many hospitals
need to be built.

Check out how hospitals in America like the University of Iowa
Hospitals and Clinics uses their air ambulance fleet to transport
patients from more remote parts of the state and other states to their
facility. This allows a single hospital to serve far more people.

Similarly in Nigeria, we have a state of the art cancer centre at LUTH
which cost over $10m to build. Rather than building one of these in
every state at a cost of $360m, air ambulances can help to convey
patients from across the country to this type of facility.

Less spending on tertiary care means more money free to spend on
primary care which is the most important component of any healthcare

2. Air ambulances increase quality of healthcare

Air ambulances allow a higher volume of patients to be treated in a
fewer number of specialist hospitals which is far better for patients
as evidence from medical journals from all over the world shows that
‘in order to provide complex healthcare safely, professional teams
need to see sufficient volumes of patients with a particular
condition. More lives can be saved if advanced services are
centralised in more specialist hospitals’

3. Air ambulances reduce hospital bills for patients:

‘Economies of scale are factors that cause the average cost of
producing something to fall as the volume of its output increase’ -The
Economist, 2008

Hospitals that receive higher numbers of patients can perform
procedures more efficiently and reduce cost, just like printers do. It
doesn’t matter whether you are printing 100 copies or 1000 copies, the
cost it almost the same.

The savings that hospitals make by seeing lager numbers of patients
for the same procedure can then be passed onto patients

4. Air ambulances help more patients to survive emergencies

When a patient experiences a medical emergency, every second counts.
This is especially important in trauma cases such as car accidents and
in medical emergencies like strokes and heart attacks.

If a patient can get to an advanced, not local, hospital within one
hour (called the Golden hour in medicine), the chances of survival are
exponentially increased.

5. Air ambulances help avoid deaths due to poor roads/infrastructure:

Many countries, particularly developing countries like Nigeria have
poor road infrastructure. Many roads are seasonal, some very difficult
to drive on, others blocked by traffic jams. This issues make it
impossible for patients to reach hospital on time. Air ambulances solve this problem.

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