Air Ambulance Rescue Pictures

The association of air ambulances is a trade body set up to represent organizations that makeup Air Ambulance services in the UK. The association and its members are known to provide and acknowledge the essential role air ambulances play in emergency service response and saving of lives.

All over the world, air ambulances play a very important role in emergency service delivery, helping save lives by transporting patients timely to the right medical facilities. As with all emergencies, time is always of the essence and a second wasted could determine the survival of patients or otherwise. Air ambulances help address the challenges of both time and geography, providing speedy access to specialist centers for medical care.

In Africa, Flying Doctors Nigeria Air Ambulance provides medical emergency services such as air ambulance and medical evacuation, ground ambulance, remote medical services e.t.c.  We often help make the difference between life and death by transporting patients in need of specialist medical care to the right hospital.