The Duke of Cambridge, Prince Williams, who recently was named patron of the London Air Ambulance service flew a helicopter ambulance to the Royal London hospital to mark the London’s air ambulance 30th anniversary.

The 36years old Prince, a trained pilot, who previously worked as a pilot with the East Anglian Air Ambulance in recounting some of his previous experiences said;

” As a team, we travelled to some very daunting incidents and we have been through some incredible tough times together witnessing some appalling tragedies.”

“I now know though that there are things that cannot be unseen and experiences that our first responders deal with on a daily basis that they carry with them for life.”

Helicopter Air Ambulance

As a patron, his newly assigned position would see him not only propagating the importance of London’s air ambulance rapid response to incidents and specialist medical care but also entail leading those working on the frontlines.