The Flying Doctors  Air Ambulance held it’s first open house at our offices located at 2nd Floor, Quits Aviation, Hangar 1, Along Gate 1, Murtala Muhammed InternationalAirport, Ikeja, Lagos.

It was the first chance for industry stakeholders to take a tour of our offices and understand how air ambulance emergencies are managed. 

The tour included a look at our operations room, boardroom, equipment room and aircraft. 
Please see pictures below: 

  1. Propaq multi-parameter monitor with defibrillator – used for continuous monitoring of patients vital signs during transport and for resuscitation in cases of cardiac arrest
Propaq multi-parameter monitor

2. Our neonatal transport incubator (the babypod) – used to transport babies safely at high altitudes.

The Babypod

3. Our Ventilator- A state of the art medical equipment designed to provide mechanical ventilation by moving breathable air into and out of the lungs of a patient. It is used primarily to assist patients in breathing when they are unable to do so themselves.

Ventilator (Oxylog 3000)

4. Our medical stretcher that can be fixed on commercial airlines immediately transforming it to a mini and effective air ambulance. This innovative service, the only one in West and Central Africa, helps to transport patients at a fraction of the cost of an Air Ambulance.

5. Lifeport Stretcher: Our newly acquired state of the art patient loading system that attaches directly to our aircraft. It is a modern, safe and flexible stretcher system specially crafted and ideal for aeromedical missions.

Lifeport Stretcher

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