One of the biggest challenges for healthcare in Africa is access to advanced care. Poor seasonal roads, few specialist hospitals, low doctor to patient ratios make it impossible for thousands of people that experience a medical emergency to get to hospital without an air ambulance.

The Flying Doctors Nigeria is a leading air ambulance service operating across West and Central Africa. That has been providing medical transportation services by air for almost a decade.


Our service exists to ensure that fewer people across Africa die because they were at the wrong place at the wrong time. African countries have fewer health resources and more challenges with geographical access due to smaller budgets.

Our aim is to revolutionise the provision of emergency healthcare across Africa and we exist so as to get the right patient to the right facility within the right time frame as we believe every second in an emergency counts.

We aim to have impact in four main areas:

  1. Neonatal/Child Transport
  2. Trauma/Injury Transport
  3. Maternal transport
  4. Infectious and non-infectious disease

We have not achieved all that but we are staying positive to it. Hope this article gives you some perspective on the global impact of our organisation; as companies like ours continue to grow and save lives across Africa.

About Us

The Flying Doctors Nigeria is a member of the British Safety Council that specializes in providing medical solutions such as air ambulance and medical evacuation, ground ambulance procurement and leasing, remote medical services such a medical staffing, online company clinic set-up, site clinic management, occupational health, medical evacuation insurance and other health consultancy services for the oil & gas industry as well as other corporate, military and non-governmental organizations.

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