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The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in Nigeria outlined ten top causes of death in Nigeria. This calls for critical thinking, awareness and enlightenment of the risk involved and deployment of strategies in cases of exposure.

Nigeria being the most populous country in Africa with about 198 million people, having its nation made up of more than 250 ethnic groups, 380 languages and a diverse range of cultural beliefs is a clear indicator that if nothing is done, the risk of exposure and mortality will keep rising.

Ten causes of death

In ascending order, they include;

  1. Malaria: 20% of all death cases
  2. Lower Respiratory infections: 19% of all death cases
  3. HIV: 9% of all death cases
  4. Diarrheal Diseases: 5% of all death cases
  5. Road Injuries: 5% of all death cases
  6. Protein-Energy Malnutrition: 4% of all death cases
  7. Cancer: 3% of all death cases
  8. Meningitis: 3% of all death cases
  9. Stroke: 3% of all death cases
  10. Tuberculosis: 2% of all death cases

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