The Flying Doctors Nigeria Air Ambulance service runs an active corporate social responsibility program aimed at promoting gender equality across Africa. We do this by focussing on women’s health, empowerment and educational programs.
As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program, Flying Doctors Nigeria sponsored the iWOW 2018 Global summit. The founder of Flying Doctors was also part of the guest speakers at the 8th edition of the Global Possibilities Summit, themed “IT’S SHOWTIME!”. Dr. Ola Brown shared with the women of worth on “Confident You. Power Negotiator”. Also, she was part of a panellist session where she shared the stage with Biola Alabi on the relationship between Confidence and profitability.

The iWOW Global Possibilities Summit is a high-level business and career event hosted by The Inspired Women of Worth Network with an overriding vision to inspire, educate and empower professional women in diverse areas of the corporate and business sectors to operate at the highest potential in life and in the marketplace.

Flying Doctors Air Ambulance CSR program

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Air Ambulance Services and Women’s Health

Women, especially in African are more likely to die from diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, maternal and perinatal conditions (about 8 out of 1000 women die at childbirth or during pregnancy ), and nutritional deficiencies, than women in other regions. WHO reports that 1 in 4 deaths among adult women are caused by non- communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes. All over the world, about 30% of all women are thought to be anaemic, at least half because of iron deficiency and most of these anaemic women live in Africa (48–57%).

When severely ill, these women require care at specialized centres that are far away from their location and cannot be navigated by road, only with air transport.

The Flying Doctors is an air ambulance service that specializes in transporting patients from a low level of care to a specialized level of care to save their lives.

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