Dr Ola Brown spoke at the West African College of Surgeons Conference that held in Gambia, February this year on the importance of collaboration in Healthcare across West Africa.

This is what Flying Doctors Nigeria, with air ambulance and ETU services based in Lagos, has been doing for nearly ten years of operation, transferring patients from one centre to the other- a low cost way to transfer patients over distances that will be impossible by road.

She spoke on the critical patients that need procedures or surgeries that can not be managed in their country. Critical cases of congenital heart diseases and patients that require transplants that need to leave their countries to centres that can carry out these procedures. The distances to be covered are usually too long to be covered by road, others are even separated by bodies of water.

It is therefore important, not only for us to have collaboration in healthcare but that there is also an emergence of regional centres of excellence in Africa.

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