There are many healthcare professionals that are interested in working in the oil and gas industry.

Some see it as a pathway to executive corporate leadership; others wish to expand their expertise.

Flying doctors Nigeria has provided medical support to the oil and gas industry for nearly a decade.

These are three tips we can offer to doctors looking for work in the sector:

  1. Augment your CV with international qualifications such as ACLS and ATLS
  1. Learn something about the industry so at interview you can talk about your work in the wider industry context.
  1. Register with companies like Flying Doctors Nigeria, as we are often asked to provide remote site support to the energy industry across West Africa

Along with clinical experience in acute, pre-hospital, family and remote medicine, these tips may help you secure your dream job!

There are countless other tips that can be gleaned from doctors/nurses and other healthcare professionals currently working in the oil & gas industry.

About Us

The Flying Doctors Nigeria is a member of the British Safety Council that specializes in providing medical solutions such as air ambulance and medical evacuation, ground ambulance procurement and leasing, remote medical services such a medical staffing, online company clinic set-up, site clinic management, occupational health, medical evacuation insurance and other health consultancy services for the oil & gas industry as well as other corporate, military and non-governmental organizations.

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