Top tourism destinations in Nigeria include:

Ibeno Beach, Akwa Ibom

This is longest sand beach in West Africa on the Atlantic, providing recreational facilities with excellent opportunities for water sports.

Obudu Mountain Resort, Cross River

Deep in the tropical rainforest of Cross River State, Obudu presents an area of idyllic tranquility and enchanting scenery.

Ngwo Pine Forest, Enugu The Ngwo Pine Forest is near the center of Enugu.

The forest hosts a limestone cave sculpted with a small waterfall that forms a shallow pool at the bed of the cave. The Ngwo Pine Forest is used as a recreational area to picnic.

Awhum Waterfall Enugu

Whum Waterfall is formed out of a massive outcrop of granite rock with water flow at the top forming a stream. Some parts of the waterfall are usually warm through the seasons. Awhum Waterfalls is 30 meters high and is located around the Awhum Monastery.

Arochukwu Long Juju Slave Route, Abia State

The mystic Ibini Ukpabi shrine, the slave routes and other relics of the slave trade era are frequently visited by tourists.

Gashaki Gumpti National Park, Taraba State

This national park offers a fascinating insight into life in medieval times in Nigeria. It is located within the ChappalWadi, Mountain, ChappalHendu and the Mountain of Wind in Taraba State.

Oshogbo Grove, Osun State

The Grove is among the last of the sacred forests which usually adjoined the edges of most Yoruba cities before extensive urbanization. In recognition of its global significance and its cultural value, the Sacred Grove was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2005.

Coconut Beach, Lagos State

One of the top beaches in Lagos, this tropical beach is located in the coastal town of Badagry, West of Lagos.

New Afrika Shrine, Lagos State

This is an open air entertainment center located in Ikeja, Lagos State. It serves as the host location of the annual Felabration music festival. It is ranked No. 1 on TripAdvisor among 4 attractions in Lagos.

Ikogosi Warm Springs, Ekiti State

Be charmed with the beauties of Ikogosi where warm and cold water ooze from different sources flowing separately to join in a pool, but each retaining its thermal identity.

Game reserves: Africa is packed with game reserves or national parks.

In countries like Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Zambia and South Africa, the number of game reserves and animals are greater than the other African countries. Residents include African Cape buffalo, monkeys, elephants, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, antelopes, hartebeest, Giant Elands.

The best national parks/game reserves in Nigeria:

  • Chad Basin National Park
  • Cross River National Park
  • Gashaka Gumti National Park
  • Kainji Lake National Park
  • Kamuku National Park
  • Okomu National Park
  • Old Oyo National Park
  • Yankari National Park

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