FACT 1: The airplane’s emergency oxygen mask can only last for 15 minutes

Surprised? You probably might be wondering how true this fact is. But the chances are that individuals who fly, would have to survive if the oxygen mask drops down for just 15 minutes. Enough time for the pilot to take the plane to a lower altitude, so passengers can breathe normally .

FACT 2: An aircraft has a hidden sleeping room for the flight crew team

This you might not have noticed, but many aircraft have secret sleeping rooms often linked by a staircase , meant for the flight crew to rest on long trips which might last up to 16 hours.

 FACT 3: There is no ‘Safest Seat’ on an aircraft

So many times, people frequently ask for safe seats in a plane in case of a plane crash,  but truly there is no safe seat in an aircraft. However,  TIMES research showed that the middle seats at the back, have a history of lower fatality rates.

Passengers on an airplane

FACT 4: Lights are dimmed when a plane is landing

The cabin crew often dim the lights when a plane is about to land. Have you wondered why? This is because in the unlikely event of an accident, passengers may need to evacuate the aircraft; their eyes might need more time to adjust to the light.

As an air ambulance service we work alongside our pilots and other crew members providing a life-saving service across Africa.

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