During Southern Hemisphere summer rainy seasons in Brazil, cases of Yellow Fever has always been at its peak as such there is ongoing plan to vaccinate millions of individuals to help curb the spread to more persons as such all health professional have been alerted to join in this exercise.

Yellow Fever is a potentially deadly flulike disease spread by mosquitoes and often characterized by high fever and jaundice.

On Tuesday, 23rd January, 2018, São Paulo closed its zoo following the death of 70 people and fear of losing more people due due to a spontaneous yellow fever outbreak.

Various discussions with the staff of the zoo revealed that a wild monkey was found the previous week had tested positive for yellow fever.

The São Paulo Park is a big art park that is regularly being visited by foreigners from all over the world. As there’s no plan of opening the zoo and botanical garden soon, all foreigners willing to visit the park are asked to get a vaccination for yellow fever before entering the area. You will be asked for proof of vaccination to be allowed entrance into the park.

According to the Guardian, 148 cases have been confirmed in the southern Eastern states of Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Of those, 70 people have died.

All individuals are advised to get vaccinated at the closest hospital to you. As there is no cure for yellow fever, preventative measures are highly recommended.

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