Conducting a successful evacuation is not an easy task. It’s an emergency medevac process that requires physical and intellectual abilities.  At Flying Doctors Nigeria, below are the procedures we follow for our aeromedical evacuation/medevac process.

  1. EMERGENCY CALL: The first stage of any medevac process is a call from the client requesting for aeromedical lift of patient or medical assistance from i.e hospital, accident scene, offshore, remote site to a better health care facility either local or international destination.
  1. PRE-EVACUATION PHASE: This is the phase of the emergency evacuation/medevac that requires contributions from all members involve in the process. During this period, special duties are delegated amongst the team.
  1. EVACUATION PHASE:  This is the evacuation day proper. The medevac transfer of a patient from a facility to a better facility either local or international. Inflight, patient is given medical treatreatment with all attention due focused on the patient.
  1. POST EVACUATION PHASE: An evacuation/medevac or medical assistance service is not completed until patient has been successfully handed over at the receiving facility. At this stage all equipment must be fully checked, retrieved and ensuring none is missing. 
  1. DEBRIEF: This is the last part of an evacuation/medevac process. The medevac team discuss what went well and what could have been done better for further improvement. Its a time to reflect on learnings and learning points are shared with the wider team. Our doctors are global experts in flight medicine, our debriefs ensure that we are continually updated about developments in the air ambulance industry and continue to deliver an exceptional, service to clients.


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