Oil and gas exploration often takes our clients into some of the most remote and difficult parts of the world.  From swamp locations to offshore locations the Flying Doctors will provide solutions to support your operations across West Africa.

Some of our solutions are listed below:

  1. Medical Staffing: We provide medical doctors and nurses to work at your clinics. With Flying Doctors Nigeria providing patient management processes, tele-medicine support and medical protocols for the medical team. Outsourcing medical staffing saves money on labor and operational costs which can deliver significant savings and an increase in gross profit, providing more funds for core business processes
  2. Medical equipment/drug procurement:  We have developed partnerships with medical equipment suppliers from across the world over the years and as we buy in bulk, we are able to purchase medical equipment as discounted prices based on our relationships.  When setting up your clinic we can provide medical equipment, drugs and medical disposables on a continuous basis as discounted rates
  3. Emergency Air ambulance/Medical evacuation: As one of the leading air ambulance firms in Africa, we are able to perform helicopter and fixed wing evacuations, often in very short timeframes. Our state of the art intensive care equipment and our highly trained team on in-flight air ambulance experts ensure that our clients receive the highest possible standards of care
  4. Malaria Prophylaxis Management: We set up a full malaria prophylaxis programs for a clients to ensure that adequate education is given to employees on malaria risk and prevention. Our program also increases compliance/concordance with malaria prophylaxis drug regimens
  5. Remote Clinic Set-up: We are market leaders in the design and operation of remote site clinics throughout Africa. We can provide modular, self-contained rapid set-up clinic at almost any location for short-term projects. Alternatively, we can adapt an existing structure or room(s) with all of the required medical equipment and supplies, based on international standards and customized to our clients specific needs
  6. Ground ambulance purchase/leasing: We provide a variety of ambulance vehicles either for stand by work at client’s remote sites or call out options. We can also meet very specialized needs for example bullet proof ambulances for hostile environments or off road ambulances for areas where there is poor road infrastructure.

About Flying Doctors Nigeria

Flying Doctors Nigeria is an air ambulance service that is dedicated to the specialist transfer of patients from low levels of care to specialist centres. We operate from Lagos, Nigeria and transfer patients between African countries like Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, etc as well as the UK, Italy, Germany, America and all over the world.

To learn more about us and our services, send us an email at sales@flyingdoctorsnigeria.com