Christmas is almost here!

There is this special feeling that heralds its coming. Even the weather knows it, and is changing to give that feel to Christmas that we have all come to know, and love. You are likely to find Christmas décor at offices, in the stores, on the streets. The green, white, red, gold and silver all coming together to give that ‘Christmassy’ look.

It’s also a time when people become less rational and forego all the healthy habits they would have picked up during the year. Even, the ‘fit-fam’ brethren can gain more weight with all the food and alcohol that would be going round.

This is the period when you are also thinking of Christmas presents for your loved ones, and we have compiled a list to help you gift them a healthy Christmas:

  1. A Fitness Watch

  1. A Fruit Basket

  1. Running Shoes

  1. Skipping Rope

  1. Pocket-sized Hand Sanitizer

  1. Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

  1. Exercise videos

Have a healthy Christmas!

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