The festive season sees a lot of people returning home to Nigeria (or other African countries) from countries where they have been making a living or schooling.

It is a time to come back to visit grandparents, old friends, parents, join in the cultural festivities, attend weddings and generally relax.

Bearing all these in mind, however, it is very important to prepare, in terms of safety and health to enable you have the best time.

  • Vaccines:

Africa is endemic for a number of diseases. While living in your home country, your immune system is very well adapted to prevalent diseases and you would rarely come down with such. However, because you have been away for a length of time, your immune system ‘forgets’ how to react and contain these diseases before a full blown spread, so it is very easy for your body to fall prey to illness.

Therefore, to mitigate this, it is important that you get the appropriate vaccines and prophylactic medications; for malaria, yellow fever and the likes.

You can read our article on malarial prophylaxis for more information

  • Weather:

Depending on where you are and where you are going to, the weather can either be warm or cold. In Africa, predominantly, it is hot weather. So pack appropriate clothing. More of sleeveless and light fabric wears.

Download our e-book here to shed more light on this.

  • Safety:

There have been a number of insurgencies in the African environment for a while, now from the street hoodlums to the religious sects, as well as some tribal sects. Read our recent article highlighting safety tips for this period.

  • Events:

As is the usual tradition, there are a number of events going on during the festive period, from family events to music shows and concerts. Carefully select the ones you would like to attend and plan your itinerary.

  • Travel Plans:

Book your flights early to avoid the holiday rush and expensive tickets fees. Look out for discounts and promos to help you get a bargain. Travel agencies can also help with this.

  • Health Plans:

It is important that you be mindful of your health. Have plans for the eventuality of hospitalisation or the need for a medical evacuation. Read more on this on our website:

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