In recent times, there has been a rise of attacks especially in African countries and security issues are on the rise, which have left some dead and others in need of urgent critical care.

The recent attacks in Niger comes to mind where, first Eight people were killed (four of whom where Niger soldiers and the other four US soldiers), and later twelve paramilitary Niger police were killed as well.

These attacks are not limited to Niger alone but also extend to other countries in the African Region.

Trauma rates are on the rise, and access to air ambulances can help to mitigate this, so we do not continue to lose valuable lives to such occurrences. Read here on how air ambulances save lives in trauma cases; from quick timing, to navigating long distances, to expert medical care.

Flying Doctors Nigeria has been providing this excellent service across the African Continent and beyond. Click to read about air ambulance evacuation in remote areas in West Africa.

About Flying Doctors Nigeria.

Flying Doctors Nigeria is an air ambulance service that is dedicated to the specialist transfer of patients from low levels of care to specialist centres. We operate from Lagos, Nigeria and transfer patients between African countries like Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, etc as well as the UK, Italy, Germany, America and all over the world.

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