At Flying Doctors Nigeria, besides our periodic peer review sessions, we observe annual external audit and review sessions with leading emergency medical professionals from the United Kingdom.

We recently conducted one of such audits. This was done by the renowned medical director of a large European assistance company on randomly selected critical care missions from this year. His core competence is in Emergency Medicine, Medical Evacuation and Assistance/Travel Medicine. He is also involved in disciplinary and professional management of multinational teams of physicians, conception, development and implementation of quality standards for risk-benefit assessment in international case management.

He commended the monitoring of the patient during transport as “very good, as there is a transport protocol stating regular assessment of the vitals”, and he had great things to say about the treatment during transport as well. He also commended the air ambulance Mode of Transport as “an excellent choice, with great in- flight management and response to unexpected situation”.

Management of patients can get complicated especially on air ambulance missions, however, our well trained aviation and critical care specialists are able to pay careful attention to patients and transport them safely, and efficiently, as we have done for nearly ten years.

About Flying Doctors Nigeria.

Flying Doctors Nigeria is an air ambulance service that is dedicated to the specialist transfer of patients from low levels of care to specialist centres. We operate from Lagos, Nigeria and transfer patients between African countries like Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, etc as well as the UK, Italy, Germany, America and all over the world.

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