It is a common misconception that patients who are on ventilators do not survive and the family should not be bothered to care for them. However, they have a chance for survival, if properly managed.

Also, contrary to what most people might think, critical care patients can be transported via air ambulance to their destination with higher level of care, which are usually a long distance from their place of primary care. They just have to be properly prepared for transport.

At Flying Doctors, we have a list of requirements prior to transfer of critically ill patients that help prepare the patient. With our critical care equipment, as well as our skilled critical care and aviation specialists, the patient can be at the advanced care facilities for expert care as soon as possible. We had one of such cases recently, and have, without fail, carried out these transfers successfully!

Flying Doctors Nigeria has very capable facilities for the transport of ventilated patients, who would usually need critical care capabilities:

The Transport Ventilator:

This machine is responsible for helping the patient breathe, as in most cases; these patients cannot breathe on their own.

The Infusion Pumps:

A lot of these patients are on inotropes. These are drugs necessary to keep the patient’s heart working. To give these drugs, infusion pumps are necessary.

The Multi-parameter Monitor:

The monitor is very necessary to monitor the patient’s vitals in real time as is required for critically ill patients.


The Defibrillator

Our multiparameter monitors have defibrillators attached to them. We also have stand-alone Automated External Defibrillators (AED).

The Loading Equipment:

The patients have to be loaded carefully onto the aircraft.  We have different loading equipment to do these: Scoop stretchers and Vacuum mattresses.

The Aircraft:

The aircraft must be big enough for the patient, as well as all the emergency airway , breathing and circulation equipment required for critical care transport.

About Flying Doctors Nigeria.

Flying Doctors Nigeria is an air ambulance service that is dedicated to the specialist transfer of patients from low levels of care to specialist centres. We operate from Lagos, Nigeria and transfer patients between African countries like Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, etc as well as the UK, Italy, Germany, America and all over the world.

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