Air ambulance services are essential to Africa as road infrastructure is often limited.

The international red cross tells a great story of how it has helped patients from across South Sudan get to the right medical facility within the right time-frame. South Sudan is among the countries in the world with the poorest access to health care. Coupled with the ongoing conflict, many people are unable to reach hospitals or medical clinics to get treatment.

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This year, ICRC-supported hospitals in South Sudan have received and treated a significantly higher number of wounded people compared to the same period last year. By September, they had carried out over 590 medical evacuations, more than the total number in 2016.The ICRC evacuates weapon wounded people across South Sudan and brings them to hospitals so that they can receive medical care.

About The Flying Doctors

The Flying Doctors Nigeria is a leading air ambulance company covering West and Central Africa. For patients that have overwhelmed the level of care available in their local environment, air ambulances are essential for transferring these patients to better levels of care.

We also offer medical evacuation plans which provide medical evacuation and treatment in the event of an emergency for a small yearly fee. Read more about our air ambulances services here and our medevac cover here