Institution: Manufacturing Firm

Country: Nigeria

Staff Strength: >2500

Type of Ailment: Sepsis with Jaundice

A two month old baby, covered as a dependent under one of our corporate packages at a large manufacturing firm in the northern part of Nigeria contracted malaria which developed into full sepsis with jaundice, decreased consciousness and hypotension.

Immediately  we received the call to evacuate the baby, we contacted our partner hospital in Lagos and they confirmed their readiness to receive the baby.  Our team of flight physicians specialised in peadiatric intensive care took off in our Hawker 800 air ambulance aircraft within 30 mins of receiving the call.  The team then proceeded to evacuate the baby from his location in the North of Nigeria to Lagos.

The baby was transported via air ambulance with his parents. We covered the cost of evacuation, hospitalisation and accommodation for the period they stayed. Baby did not require international transfer as care given in Lagos was adequate. Baby was discharged after one week in peadiatric intensive care. If the need did arise to transport him abroad we would have done that immediately without delay.

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