What Is An Air Ambulance?

An air ambulance is an aircraft that conveys injured or ill people either in a medical emergency or over distances or land terrain that is impractical for a conventional ground ambulance. An air ambulance provides medical care in flight.

6 Reasons why air ambulance are not luxury but a necessity

  1. The first hour of an emergency situation is very critical and the life of a person should not depend on how far they live from the nearest specialist facility. The earlier a person gets initial care, the lower the overall health cost.
  2. We believe that poor logistics is one of the greatest global health problems. Air ambulance services are a powerful tool for solving the problem of poor logistics in healthcare.
  3. The logistical solution that air ambulance services provide is especially important in Africa due to the poor road infrastructure and long distances between tertiary medical facilities.
  4. it saves healthcare systems money by giving them the ability to centralise services. Click to continue reading Air Ambulance’s, Centralized Healthcare and Nigeria
  5. Air ambulances saves life and save time because every second counts
  6. It facilitates quick recovery of patients during a medical emergency to the nearest medical facility.

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