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An article published in the Forbes magazine delves into the reasons why air ambulance cover is required; Everett Potter talks about his father-in-law being rushed in a coma to a hospital in Estonia where he came down with Legionnaires Disease. They had coverage for their extensive travels in Eastern Europe, and so they called their travel insurance company and requested them to fly him home to Chicago, but the travel insurance company refused, saying the coverage only covered his transportation to the “nearest, best medical facility”, which they had made good on by transporting him to the hospital– which was just mile from the hotel. They could transport him back home to Chicago but that would cost them extra 70,000 USD!

In Africa there are issues that make air ambulance cover even more pertinent. Issues like:

  1. Few medical centres with specialist and intensive care facilities in major cities
  2. Lack of specialist care in small towns and rural areas
  3. Distance between specialist hospitals is too long for road transport
  4. Poor road networks
  5. Poor economy
  6. Security and insurgency.

For example, Mr. C has been transferred to a rural area in Warri to work for a period of 2 months. Three weeks in, he sustains a serious injury but cannot access specialist care in that community and the closest and best place to get specialist care is in Lagos, possibly would need to get out of the country for this care.  He needs to get help on time but did not plan for the financial cost involved (whether by himself or through his company). His survival or lack thereof will depend on his ability to get an air ambulance at that critical time.

An air ambulance cover would make the difference.

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