The Flying Doctors Nigeria provides air and ground ambulance transportation throughout West and Central Africa; an increasing number of patients across the region see Nigeria and Ghana, to an extent as centers of medical excellence in the region.

Role of air ambulances as feeders for international medical tourism

Our cost-effective air ambulance and emergency transport unit (a commercial medical cabin within a scheduled commercial airline) provide seamless air ambulance medical transportation from countries like Chad, Niger, Mali, Liberia and Equatorial Guinea into Nigeria for stabilization or definitive management.

Role of air ambulances in local medical tourism

Healthcare is becoming more centralized, all over the world, this is evident in Nigeria as certain citieslike Lagos emerge as medical hubs. Therefore, many patients from around the country require air ambulance transportation especially for critically unwell patients/patients from distant states e.g Sokoto.

The following article explores how Nigerian hospitals can  use air ambulance services to capitalize on this new opportunity :