Air ambulances frequently appear in local and international media, where a lot of lifesaving stories have been told and medico-logistics/aeromedical challenges, opportunities and updates have been discussed. All of these have sensitized their audience about the availability and need for this gap-closing innovation in the healthcare system.

Flying Doctors Nigeria is West Africa’s leading air ambulance service based in Lagos, Nigeria. Our head (main hub) is located within the biggest and busiest airport in the whole of West Africa, from where we have capacity to operate fixed (both private and commercial) and rotary wing.

Below are some of the media mentions that the Flying Doctors air ambulance service has received over time:

Nigeria media mentions of Flying Doctors Air Ambulance

International media mentions of Flying Doctors Air Ambulance

Flying Doctors Nigeria air ambulance service offers a variety of medical services please see our website for more information:

Disclaimer: With all due respect to hardworking journalists that produced these stories, not all of them are entirely accurate and written from the perspective of the writer. For the most accurate and update information on the Flying Doctors Nigeria air ambulance services and our work across West and Central Africa; please visit our website.